Global Research Analytics for Population Health


GRAPH seeks to eliminate the global burden of preventable disease through actionable policy. We find the most effective health policies—many of which lie well beyond the health care delivery system—for preventing disease. We then determine the cost-effectiveness of these policies. Our research can readily be applied at the national level, within localities, or within private companies seeking to optimize the health of any population.

The world spends many trillions of dollars on medical care every year, but this money could be better spent if we only knew how to invest correctly. The mission of GRAPH is to give local, national, and international policymakers a menu of the best investments to make if they wish to improve the health and longevity of the people they serve. That is, we hope to bend the cost curve so that more lives can be saved with the available financial resources.

Public health researchers now understand the major causes of premature disease and death. For instance, we understand that smoking is a major cause of heart disease and cancer. However, we have a relatively poor understanding of why people smoke in the first place. Further, it is largely believed that most risk factors arise from “social” causes, such as poor educational opportunities, marketing from the cigarette and food industries, or badly designed welfare programs.