The Online MS in Epidemiology is based around three objectives:

  1. Concepts: Develop a command of the major concepts and techniques of epidemiology as well as a solid grounding in biostatistics.

  2. Methods: Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to develop testable hypotheses and to design research projects, from clinical studies to population-based studies.

  3. Application: Take a research-based thesis project from hypothesis to data analysis and application in the real world.



Semester 1

  • Epidemiology I: Principles of Epidemiology

  • Introduction to Biostatistics

Semester 2

  • Epidemiology II: Design and Conduct of Observational Epidemiology

  • Application of Epidemiologic Research Methods I Using Statistical Analysis Software

Semester 3

  • Analysis of Categorical Data

  • Presentation and Visualization of Epidemiological Data

Semester 4

  • Epidemiology III: Applied Epidemiologic Analysis

  • Applied Regression

Semester 5

  • Critical Thinking in Epidemiology

  • Thesis Work



Amelia Boehme, PhD, MSPH

Moise Desvarieux, MD, DMM, PhD

Megan Hall, ScD, MS

Dan Liao, PhD

Thelma Mielenz, PT, PhD, MS, OCS

Joyce Pressley, PhD, MPH

Luis E. Segura, MD, MPH

Naitee Ting, PhD

Chloe Teasdale, PhD, MPH