Reflection on Experience

“The BEST program is an extraordinary opportunity to delve into some of the fundamental building blocks of biostatistics. The classes were broad enough to cover many subsets of the field, allowing me to get a holistic view of the different paths available for study. Being able to learn SAS skills, while simultaneously applying those skills towards a mentored research project, was exciting and a great way of connecting what is learned in the classroom to practical applications. Not only was the BEST program academically enriching, but it also connected me with influential individuals who were able to offer me outstanding life advice.” – Melissa N, 2017

“The BEST program was an invaluable experience that allowed to me to see what a career in biostatistics and epidemiology looks like. We were able to meet some great biostatisticians and epidemiologists as well as look into Columbia's Public Health graduate programs. I will definitely be looking into these programs when deciding my post graduate plans.” – Ferhana B., 2016

“This experience was one of the best things I could've done this summer! I learned so much in these 8 weeks and I feel like I have grown immensely as an aspiring biostatistician. It was a breath of fresh air to be around so many influential people that were so committed and serious about what they were doing, as well as being around peers that were equally as fascinated by the same things as you. This was such an incredible, enriching experience and I am so grateful for my time here.” – Nadiya P., 2015

“Before the BEST Program, I had no idea of what I wanted to do after my undergraduate career. I now know that graduate school is a great option and that a career in public health, more specifically Biostats, would be a great way to consolidate my interests in math and medicine.” – Omar P., 2014

What Alumni Are Doing Now

Imaani Easthausen, 2012; Melissa Nunez, 2017; Nadiya Pavlishyn, 2015; Emily Romero, 2016; Randy Williams, 2014: MS candidate, Department of Biostatistics, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Camara Sharperson, MPH, 2014: Health Economics and Outcomes Research Analyst at Analysis Group, Analysis Group

Sharon Mwale, MPH, 2013: Program Manager at Health Venture

Oladoyin Oladeru, MPH, 2012: Healthcare Consultant, Deloitte

Isaac Quintanilla, MPH, 2012: PhD candidate in Applied Statistics, University of California-Riverside

Robyn Jordan, MPH, 2011: MD candidate, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Arjee Restar, MPH, 2011: PhD candidate in Public Health, Brown University