Michael Musso

  • Lecturer of Environmental Health Sciences and International and Public Affairs
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Mr. Musso is a Senior Project Engineer with over 15 years' experience in environmental engineering, consulting, and regulatory compliance. He has had hands-on experience with managing site investigations, human health risk and exposure assessments, and remedial design projects, including those with chemical and hazardous and solid waste management operations at industrial facilities. Mr. Musso has conducted several remedial investigation/feasibility studies (RI/FSs; CERCLA and NYSDEC guidance) for soil and groundwater investigation and remediation projects which have entailed the identification, screening, and detailed cost estimating of viable alternatives.  He has developed detailed conceptual designs and project life cost evaluations for numerous projects.

As part of his technical responsibilities at HDR, Mr. Musso has performed baseline human health risk assessments and exposure pathway analyses for several projects across many different regulatory frameworks. His expertise relating to exposure pathway analyses are often utilized at the inception of many types of projects, and his input is sought in helping determine possible remedial requirements and associated costs/timeframes. He has reviewed and statistically analyzed data from several environmental media, including soil, groundwater, and soil gas. In addition, he has researched and summarized toxicological profiles (carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic effects of multiple contaminants including VOCs, SVOCs/PAHs, metals, pesticides/PCBs), and is familiar with equivalence factors used in assessing PAHs and dioxin. Depending on the level of effort required and contemplated end use of properties, Mr. Musso conducts qualitative or quantitative exposure assessments for different future use scenarios at various sites.  He has developed site-specific risk-based screening levels and action levels for remediation at several sites based on the acceptable hazard index and carcinogenic risk (1x10-4 to 1x10-6).

Mr. Musso has a working knowledge of toxicological and public health aspects of chemical development and use, along with an understanding of applicable state and Federal regulations. Mr. Musso is very familiar with the development and oversight of health and safety programs, and he has much knowledge in field procedures and environmental monitoring activities.

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  • Lecturer of Environmental Health Sciences and International and Public Affairs

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  • BS, 1991 Villanova University
  • MS, 1994 Rutgers University
  • MPH, 2006 Columbia University


Research Interests

  • Biostatistical Methods
  • Environmental Health
  • Public Health Education