Gary Miller

Gary Miller

Gary Miller

Environmental Health Sciences
Vice Dean, Research Strategy and Innovation


New York NY USA 10032
(212) 342-1260


Dr. Miller moved to Columbia University in August, 2018 after 16 years at Emory University. From 2009-2018 Dr. Miller was Associate Dean for Research in the Rollins School of Public Health. Dr. Miller was the founding director of the HERCULES Exposome Research Center at Emory University, the first exposome-based research center in the U.S. He authored the first book on the topic, The Exposome: A Primer published by Elsevier. His research focuses on environmental drivers of neurodegeneration. His laboratory uses a variety of methods including transgenic mouse production, immunohistochemistry, neurotransmitter transport assays, high-resolution metabolomics, electrochemistry, and behavioral assays. His work is conducted in several experimental models from cultured neurons and C. elegans to mice and human studies. He is an advisor to several exposome-associated research entities, including the Human Biomonitoring for the European Union (HBM4EU). He also serves as Editor-in-Chief of Toxicological Sciences, the official journal of the Society of Toxicology.


BS, 1989, Old Dominion University
MS, 1992, Old Dominion University
PhD, 1995, University of Georgia
Other, 1997, Emory University
Other, 1998, Duke University

Select Global Activities

Human Biomonitoring for the European Union (HBM4EU), Germany: I serve on the Advisory Committee of the Human Biomonitoring for the European Union (HBM4EU) project.
Visiting Professor, University of Paris Descartes, France: In the Spring of 2018 I was a Visiting Professor at the University of Paris Descartes. I continue to collaborate with colleagues at the University.

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