Caroline Volel

Caroline Volel

Caroline Volel

Assistant Clinical Professor
Population and Family Health and Pediatrics


60 Haven Avenue, Level B-3, room 326-7
New York NY 10032


Dr. Volel has specific interests in school-based and school-linked health services. Exposing medical trainees to public health initiatives is an important aspect of her work.


MPH, 2001, Columbia University
MD, 1996, Cornell University Medical College
BA, 1990, Columbia University

Select Urban Health Activities

Medical Education in School-Based Health Clinics: This program bring medical students and physicians-in-training to school-based health clinics to enhance their understanding of community medicine.
Lunchtime Science Club Initiative: Urban junior high school students are exposed to the medical sciences through monthly contact with medical trainees. Participants visit the medical center to foster an interest in the basic and clinical sciences.
Medical Science Classroom Enrichment: Medical residents and medical students provide mentoring through formal didactic teaching in public high school classrooms. Presentations are integrated into the regular academic curriculum and are done on a regular basis throughout the academic year.

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