MOSAIC Programmatic and mentorship approach

The MOSAIC programmatic model includes five domains that consist of professional development, faculty mentorship, navigating institutions, incident management, and guest speakers (including faculty, staff, and alumni). 

Formal activities include guest speaker events with alumni and public health practictioners that occupy various spaces in the field to discuss career trajectories, navigating th etransition from graduate school to work, and bringing one's authentic self as emerging BIPOC and first-generation public health practictioners navigating the field of public health.

The MOSAIC model, includes the following:

  • Culturally responsive mentoring
  • Consistent access to faculty mentorship (one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring)
  • Peer mentoring
  • Access to professional development workshops (topics include: career.alumni panels, resume review, LinkedIn, networking strategies, strengthening academic writing, publication process, research training, etc.)
  • Informal meetings and social events to build community and provide a safe space to share experiences
  • Professional work opportunities made available
  • Understanding of resources available to them as part of organization/institution


Sample Structure for the Academic Year