Student Profiles

John Pamplin, PhD in Epidemiology

"With the number of U.S. deaths for people of color from police actions, I realized I couldn’t remain silent on the public health issues affecting minorities. I want to be able to my research and say, 'Look, these issues are real. And here is the proof.'” 

Alejandro Vanegas, Executive MS

"It took me a long time, but I finally realize there’s another way to impact health outside of becoming a physician."

Juliana Bennington, MPH in Health Policy and Management

"I had long been interested in the health gap between pediatric care and the onset of adult health issues."

Brennan Rhodes-Bratton, DrPH in Sociomedical Sciences

"There are so many complexities of real public health work, and being at the Mailman School has taught me to think outside the box."