Mailman School Welcomes a New Class

August 23, 2012

With the academic year beginning, the Mailman School is welcoming more than 500 new students to the School's community.

On August 27, the Incoming Class of 2012 gathered on campus for a weeklong orientation with lectures, opportunities to meet with department chairs and faculty, and an official welcome from Dean Linda P. Fried that culminated in the recitation of the Public Health Oath (pictured). Students are also participating in a day-long program on "Self, Social, and Global Awareness" to help them develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for professional excellence in an increasingly global, diverse, and complex world.

Other highlights of Orientation are a tour of Washington Heights, a reception at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, and a night out to see a Broadway show.

Classes begin on September 4.

This is an historic moment for the Mailman School. A new class of approximately 400 MPH students will be learning about public health in an entirely new way. Our new Master of Public Health curriculum—more than two years in the making—includes a new interdisciplinary Core curriculum, a new course in Leadership and Innovation that focuses on teamwork and leadership skills, a hands-on course that uses case studies to integrate public health theory with practice, and an all-new Certificate program.

"We know our current students will be public health leaders throughout--at least--the middle of the 21st century," says Dean Fried. "We have designed our curricula, including  our new MPH curriculum, to prepare them to lead across changing needs and circumstances to effectively address the complex challenges of today and tomorrow, and to create the life-course approach to prevention that will keep all people healthier. We are proud and excited to be the first school of public health to offer this highly innovative MPH curriculum designed to accomplish these goals and to have refined all of our educational programs to accomplish them."

As the academic year draws near, the Mailman School prepares to welcome more 568 Masters students, 16 new PhD students and 12 new DrPH students to the community. 

Curious about learning more about our new students? Here are some facts and figures about this year's class:

Students:  568
MPH Students: 479
Executive MPH Students: 28
MS Students: 61         
Average Age at Time of Enrollment: 
MPH* students: 26.1 (median = 25.0)
GPH students: 28.0 (median = 31.8)
Executive MPH students: 46.1 (median = 44.7)
MS students: 33.1 (median = 33.2)
Age Range:  20-65
Female/Male:  73%/27%
Ethnic/Racial Minorities:  43% **
African-American:  9%
Asian:  20%
Hispanic:  9%
States Represented:  9 (44% from New York State)
Countries Represented:  38
Non-U.S. Citizens:  21% (5.5% Permanent Residents and 15.5% Non-Residents)