Information Technology

The School's Office of Information Technology provides faculty and staff with various IT services. You can read details of our scope and approach in our charter

  • Desktop Computer Support

    • Set-up and Troubleshooting

    • Secure Disposal and Repurposing

    • Software Installations

    • E-mail & Calendaring Solutions

    • Cell phone/PDA configuration and troubleshooting

    • Encryption

  • Security Compliance Consulting

  • Hard Drive Encryption

  • USB Flash-Drive Replacement Plan

  • ARC GIS Software (free for faculty & staff)

  • AV Support

  • Network Access

  • Sharepoint Collaboration Server

  • Connected Data Protector back-up

  • Equipment Purchasing Support

  • Echo360 Personal Capture Software

  • Special projects liaison with CUMC IT & CUIT