Certification Program

Certification of Professional Achievement in Clinical & Translational Research


The Certification of Professional Achievement in Clinical and Translational Research (CPA-CTR) provides effective training in core methods used in clinical and translational research in a condensed format suited to working clinicians and post-doctoral researchers. The 12-credit program may be completed in as little as six months; ten credits are earned over 8-weeks in the summer through the Columbia Summer Research Institute (CSRI), and the remaining two credits are earned in a subsequent Fall or Spring semester. In this format, working professionals are able to receive graduate level training in research methods while simultaneously working with a multi-disciplinary mentoring team to develop a research project.

The Certification of Professional Achievement in Clinical and Translational Research curriculum is comprised of intensive instruction in biostatistics and epidemiology, followed by more specialized coursework, and culminates in a full NIH-style grant proposal or an original paper to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. The selected coursework and key deliverables emphasize quantitative training, critical thinking skills, and practical strategies in order for junior investigators to be competitive in the quest for independent grant funding. CPA-CTR requirements must be completed within two years of enrollment in CSRI.


1) Successful completion of the CSRI, a 10-credit summer program consisting of five required courses:

  • P6104 Introduction to Biostatistical Methods
  • P6400 Principles of Epidemiology
  • P8182 Writing a Successful NIH Grant
  • P8568 Decision Analysis for Public Health and Clinical Practices
  • P8750 Race and Health

2) Successful completion of a 2-credit Master's Essay course - select one:

  • P9160 Master's Essay (original research article) - Spring
  • P9165 Master's Essay (full grant proposal) - Fall


  • NIH-style grant outline for either an R01 or K award (all)
  • Full grant proposal for an R01 or K award (P9165)
  • Original research article submitted to a peer-reviewed journal (P9160)
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Journal critiquing skills
  • Foundational analytic toolbox

The application process for the CPA-CTR is the same as the process for CSRI Bootcamp. CSRI alums who wish to earn the CPA-CTR should contact csri@columbia.edu for next steps.


  • For the 2024 Spring Master's Essay (original research article), email csri@columbia.edu no later than November 1, 2023.
  • For the 2024 Fall Master's Essay (full grant proposal), email csri@columbia.edu no later than March 15, 2024.

Applications to CSRI 2024 Boot Camp are now closed

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