Benefits and advantages

The advantages of the program for early-career investigators include: 

  • 18+ specialized courses on omics and data science (personalized curriculum for each trainee).

  • Mentoring by two experts (one omics and one data science expert) for 11 months

  • Structured networking activities 

  • Assistance in the preparation of an NIH research protocol (R01 or K99)

  • Grant writing coursework

  • Observerships

  • Access to a nationwide, diverse network of mentors in  omics and data science


After acceptance, Career MODE participants must pay a nominal $800 participation fee for the entire 11-month program (it corresponds to 6% of full trainee expenses). Career MODE will cover the cost of the training, mentoring, and networking activities, as well as traveling and lodging for all trainees. 


To ensure the participation fee is not an obstacle for marginalized or low-income applicants, the participation fee will be waived for at least 50% of the participants, including both diversity-based and need-based program scholarships. The awards will be assigned by a committee comprised of the Career MODE Program Directors and the Internal Advisory Committee members. All applicants requesting financial support will be considered for the scholarships. Selection criteria will include scientific and academic achievements as shown in the curriculum vitae.