Mar. 12 2016

A. Mushtaque Raza Chowdhury, Mailman School professor of Population and Family Health, received the Outstanding Leadership Award from the Dhaka University Statistics Department Alumni Association (DUSDAA). He was recognized for his outstanding professional, academic and research achievements as well as his inspiration and influence in the field.

Mushtaque Chowdhury, who joined the Mailman School of Public Health in 2004, is also vice chairperson of the NGO BRAC in Bangladesh, which is particularly concerned with poverty alleviation, education, and health. He is the founding Dean of BRAC University's James P. Grant School of Public Health in Bangladesh and also founded the Research and Evaluation Division of BRAC. With over 50,000 full-time staff, BRAC is one of the largest non-governmental development organizations in the world.

In addition to his ties to Bangladesh, Chowdhury has worked internationally in Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, China, and Ethiopia. From 2009-2012, he served as senior advisor at the Rockefeller Foundation, Thailand, overseeing the health portfolio of the Foundation in Asia. In November 2013, he co-coordinated the Lancet Series on Bangladesh (Bangladesh: Innovations for Universal Health Coverage). That same year, the Lancet also profiled Chowdhury.

The Outstanding Leadership Award was presented to Dr. Chowdhury at the 2nd DUSDAA International Conference in December.