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Selected Publications

Wolkon, A, Vanden Eng J, Morgah K, Eliades MJ, et al Rapid Scale-up of Long-lasting Insecticide-Treated Bednets through Integration into Togo's National Immunization Program during Child Health Week Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg 83(5) 1014-1019 2010

Terlouw DJ, Kodjo M, Wolkon A, Dare A, Dorkenoo A, Eliades MJ, et al Impact of mass distribution of free long-lasting insecticidal nets on childhood malaria morbidity: The Togo National Integrated Child Health Campaign Malaria Journal 9 199 2010

Vanden Eng J, Wolkon A, Frolov A, Terlouw DJ, Eliades J, et al Use of Handheld Computers with Global Positioning System for Probability Sampling and Data Entry in Household Surveys Am. J. Trop. Med 77(8) 393-399 2007

Eliades J, Wolkon A, Hawley W, Ter Kuile F, Hightower A, Crawford S, Terlouw D The Burden of Malaria at the Community Level of Children Less Than Five Years of Age in Togo Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg 75(4) 622-29 2006

Khamsiriwatchara A, Wangroongsarb, P, Thwing J, Eliades J, et al. Post-War Kosovo: Part 1. Assessment of Prehospital Emergency Services Prehosp Disast Med 16(04) 263-267 2001

Eliades J., Lis J., Barbosa J., VanRooyen M., et al. Post-War Kosovo: Part 2. Assessment of Emergency Medicine Leadership Development Strategy Prehosp Disast Med 16(4) 268-274 2001

Moresky R, Eliades J, VanRooyen M Preparing International Relief Workers for Health Care in the Field: An Evaluation of Organizational Practices Prehosp Disast Med 16(4) 257-262 2001

VanRooyen M, Eliades J, Stress M, Grabowski G, et al. Perceived Effectiveness of Medical Personnel Working in Bosnia (editorial) JAMA 282(5) 428-429 1999