Kathrin Schilling, MSc, PhD

  • Assistant Professor at CUIMC of Environmental Health Sciences
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Kathrin Schilling is an isotope geochemist and has been at the forefront of developing stable metal isotopes as biomarkers to answer a wide array of research questions, relevant for the diagnosis, prevention, and control of diseases and nutrient status. Her interdisciplinary approach brings techniques commonly used in Earth Sciences into solving new problems in Biomedical Sciences. For instance, she explores how these isotopic biomarkers can fulfill a much-needed role of tracing environmental sources of exposure to carcinogenic metals as well as help detect minute changes of metabolic processes in humans caused by disease development and progression.

Office Location: 630 West 168th Street, VP&S Room 16-413

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor at CUIMC of Environmental Health Sciences

Administrative Titles

  • Associate Member of the Columbia Center for Environmental Health and Justice in Northern Manhattan

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • MSc, 2008 Leipzig University
  • PhD, 2011 Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

Honors & Awards

2019 Metallomics Young Investigator's Award, The Royal Society of Chemistry

2021 AGU Community Science Fellowship; Thriving Earth Exchange Program


Research Interests

  • Chronic disease
  • Environmental Health

Selected Publications

Schilling, K., Johnson, T.M., Dhillon, K.S., Mason, P.R.D. (2015). Fate of selenium in soils at a seleniferous site recorded by high precision Se isotope measurements. Environmental Science and Technology 49: 9690–9698.

Schilling, K., Moore E.T., Sullivan K.V., Capper M.S., Rehkämper M. Goddard K., Ion C., Coombes C., F., Vesty-Edwards, L., Lamb, A.D., Halliday, A. Larner F. (2021). Zinc stable isotopes in urine as diagnostic for cancer of secretory organs Metallomics 13(5)

Schilling, K., Larner, F., Kocher, H.M., Blyuss, O., Halliday, A.N., Crnogorac-Jurevic (2020). Urine metallomics signature in pancreatic cancer. Metallomics 12: 752-757.