Jeremy Porter, PhD

  • Lecturer of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Professor of Sociology of CUNY
  • Faculty Associate of the CUNY Institute for Demographic Research
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Jeremy R. Porter is a Lecturer in the Environmental Health Sciences Department with his primary duties being associated with teaching and advising in the area of Public Health GIS. Additionally, he is a Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York and holds appointments in multiple departments and institutes throughout the university. He currently serves as the Director of the Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences program at the CUNY Graduate Center and holds an appointment at Brooklyn College with affiliations on the faculty of the CUNY Graduate Center's Ph.D. programs in Sociology, Demography, and Criminal Justice. Recent research has been published in Annual Review of Public Health, Social Problems, Social Science Research, Sociological Forum, Social Science Quarterly, and many other social science/methods based outlets. His research has also been featured in over 100 unique press-articles including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Forbes, Axios, Miami Herald, PBS-NOVA, NPR, and many other popular press outlets.

Academic Appointments

  • Lecturer of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Professor of Sociology of CUNY
  • Faculty Associate of the CUNY Institute for Demographic Research

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • BS, 2004 University of Louisville
  • MA, 2005 University of Louisville
  • PhD, 2008 Mississippi State University
  • Other, 2010 Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Editorial Boards

Editor in Chief, Spatial Demography

Editor, Journal of Maps-Social Science Section

Founding Editor, Spatial Demography Book Series (Springer)

Honors & Awards

2012, Article of the Year Award: American Journal of Criminal Justice

2009, Paper of the Year Award: American Statistical Association, Social Science Section

2008, Paper of the Year Award: American Sociological Association


Research Interests

  • Biostatistical Methods
  • Community Health

Selected Publications

2021. "Simulating historical flood events at the continental scale: observational validation of a large-scale hydrodynamic model". Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. 21(2): 59-575 .

2022. "A Natural Language Processing Approach to Understanding Context in the Extraction and GeoCoding of Historical Floods, Storms, and Adaptation Measures". Information Processing and Management. 59(1), 102735.

2021. "Combined Modeling of US Fluvial, Pluvial, and Coastal Flood Hazard Under Current and Future Climates". Water Resources Research. 57(2): 1-29 .

2022. "Federally Overlooked Flood Risk Inequities in Houston, Texas: Novel Insights Based on Dasymetric Mapping and State-of-the-Art Flood Modeling". Annals of the American Association of Geographers. 2022: 1-21.

2022. "Inequitable Patterns of US flood risk in the Anthropocene". Nature Climate Change. 12(2): 156-162.

2021. "Climate change, riverine flood risk and adaptation for the conterminous United States". Environmental Research Letters 16(9), 094034

2015. "Cure Violence: A Public Health Model to Reduce Gun Violence." Annual Review of Public Health. 36:39-53.

2012. Geographical Sociology: The Theoretical Foundations and Methodological Applications in the Sociology of Location. New York: Springer.

2015. Recapturing Space: New Middle Range Theory in Spatial Demography. New York: Springer.

2016. "Gender and the Mental - Physical Health Connection Among U.S. Adults" Sociological Forum . 31(4): 1104-1125.