Jeanne Stellman, PhD

  • Professor Emerita of Health Policy and Management


Dr. Jeanne Mager Stellman's career is devoted to occupational and environmental issues in public health, carrying out basic research and engaging in public education and policy formulation. With considerable expertise in Agent Orange and other military herbicides in Vietnam, she collaborated with Dr. Steven Stellman to develop a geographic information system for estimating herbicide exposures in Vietnam, work carried out under contract to the National Academy of Sciences and endorsed by the Institute of Medicine. Much of the underlying data and the conceptual framework were developed during her years of service as exposure consultant to the special master for the Agent Orange Veterans Payment Program. Dr. Stellman's work has appeared as a cover article in Nature. She also served as editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety, 4th edition, which is considered the foremost international reference in the field. Other research interests include issues in women's health, particularly occupational health and gender bias in research; sex roles and health; and organization of work and occupational health management. Dr. Stellman was editor of Women and Health, 1986 - 2004, and has authored numerous research papers, monographs, and three books. She has served in a variety of governmental and non-governmental advisory capacities, and is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Academic Appointments

  • Professor Emerita of Health Policy and Management

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • PhD, 1972 City University of New York


Research Interests

  • Biostatistical Methods
  • Chronic disease
  • Global Health
  • Healthcare Policy