Ahmed Shelbaya, MD

  • Lecturer in Epidemiology
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  • Lecturer in Epidemiology

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Education & Training

  • 1989 Cairo University
  • MPH, 2001 Columbia University


Selected Publications

Egyptian Ministry of Health - Health Sector Reform, Egypt: Managed the planning process for establishing a Health Policy and Planning Department within the Central Department for Health Reform in the Ministry. Developed technical and operational linkages between national programs, donors, NGO's and the different departments within the Ministry of Health. This included aligning donor funding and activities with the Ministry's strategies with an aim of having a comprehensive rather than piece meal approach to reform. Coordinated the development and implementation of the national Health Sector Reform activities with a budget over $100 million funded by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, the United States Agency for International Development, the World Bank, and the European Union. Negotiated with International donor organizations potential funds for different Ministry of health programs, including Child health, Population health, Health Sector Reform, Healthy Egyptians 2010 and Emergency Medicine Monitored and evaluated the implementation of the Health Sector Reform activities at the national and governorate level. Provided technical assistance, guidance and support, to the First Undersecretary of Health, in the form of policy analysis papers and research. Policy analysis papers provided guidance and support needed for formulating the Ministry's strategies for reforming the health care system and other public health policies. Represented and negotiated on behalf of the Egyptian Ministry of Health at numerous international health policy negotiations, including at the World Health Organization in Geneva, European Union in Brussels, and US health agencies in Washington D.C. and Atlanta. This work included participating in drafting the International Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, European Union's Neighborhood Policy and Twinning Projects, and the development of 'Healthy Egyptians 2010.' Developed a strategy for integration of the maternal and child health services with the family planning and reproductive health services within the Ministry Designed and spearheaded the current phase of 'Healthy Egyptians 2010,' a national health promotion and disease prevention program developed in collaboration with the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Disease Control. Spearheaded the development of a new methodology to identify medically underserved and vulnerable populations within the Egyptian health system. The work is currently being used to develop a national mechanism for means testing and exemption policies. Collaborated in the development of the Basic Health Benefits Package of health services, which is being made available to every Egyptian as a part of the health care reform. This included calculating the burden of disease, as well as establishing a methodology for costing of the services delivered through the basic benefits package, which is currently being institutionalized in the Ministry. Technical responsibilities included: costing studies, cost benefit analysis, writing policy analysis papers, annual implementation plan development, budget development, negotiation with donor agencies, and national health communication policy development.