Llanos Lab

Principal Investigator

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    • Co-Leader, Cancer Population Science (CPS) Program, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

Welcome to the Llanos Lab – where we investigate the social and biological determinants of cancer inequities!

Driven by a mission to identify effective strategies for reducing the rates of poorer cancer outcomes in vulnerable populations, the research in the Llanos Lab investigates the social and biological determinants and sociobiologic mechanisms that contribute to poorer cancer outcomes in diverse populations.

Our research program has three broad objectives:

  1. Investigating and understanding the role select molecular and sociobiologic mechanisms play in cancer inequities.
  2. Improving cancer survival among populations with disproportionately high burden cancer.
  3. Advancing the evidence linking chemical exposures in personal care products with hormone-related cancers.

While our work is centered on understanding and addressing inequities in cancer outcomes, we work to collaboratively to develop and test innovative hypotheses to advance public health knowledge locally, nationally, and globally, using an interdisciplinary, team science approach.