Yifei Sun

Yifei Sun

Yifei Sun

Assistant Professor


722 W168th St., R653
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Dr. Sun's main methodological interest lies in biostatistical methodology and its application to medicine and epidemiology (electronic health records, precision medicine, etc.). Dr. Sun also works with collaborators on scientific problems arising in the research of wearable device.



BS, 2010, Zhejiang University
PhD, 2015, Johns Hopkins University

Areas of Expertise

Data Science, Longitudinal Studies, Nonparametric Methods, Predictive Modeling/Machine Learning, Survival Analysis

Select Publications

Sun Y, Qin J and Huang C-Y. "Missing information principle: a unified approach for general left-truncated and/or right-censored survival data problems." Statistical Science. Accepted.
Bai J, Sun Y, Schrack JA, Crainiceanu CM, Wang M-C. "A two-stage model for mobile device data." Biometrics. In press.
Sun Y, Chan G and Qin J. "Simple and fast overidentified rank estimation for right-censored length-biased data." Biometrics. In press
Sun Y, Huang C-Y and Wang M-C. "Nonparametric benefit-risk assessment using marker process in the presence of a terminal event." Journal of the American Statistical Association: 112(518). 826-836, 2017.
Sun Y and Wang M-C. "Evaluating utility measurement with recurrent marker processes in the presence of competing terminal events." Journal of the American Statistical Association: 112(518). 745-756, 2017.
Li S, Sun Y, Huang C-Y, Follmann DA, Krause R. "Recurrent event data analysis with intermittently observed time-varying covariates." Statistics in Medicine: 35(18). 3049-3065, 2016.

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