Our research looks at every facet of how the environment and climate change impact human health, involving robust collaborations between faculty, students, and community-based organizations.

What A Drone Can Tell Us About Air Pollution

In a demonstration flight over Brooklyn, Dr. Marcus Hilpert shows off Columbia Mailman School’s unmanned aerial vehicle. The drone, which collects air samples up to 400 feet, is poised to revolutionize environmental exposure assessment.

Research Centers and Programs

Five centers and programs within EHS focus on specific environmental health sectors involving cross-collaboration of faculty, students, and community.

EHS Faculty

Established faculty in EHS use their expertise on an interdisciplinary level to ask novel and innovative research questions in the field.

Spotlight Stories

A detailed look into some of the primary research interests and studies of our widely-recognized faculty members.

Heartbreaker: How a Heavy Metal
 Wreaks Havoc

Low-dose arsenic wreaks havoc. Dr. Ana Navas-Acien seeks a low-cost remedy people can implement at home.

Air Pollution and Health

A short video about the science that connects the streets of New York City with a village in Ghana.