Alumni Spotlight

Emelia headshot with a jean jacket and backpack

Emelia (MPH, Molecular Epidemiology Certificate, 2023)

Emelia is a Climate Resilience Specialist at ICF, where she works on a broad range of related work. Her current projects include developing climate adaptation strategies for city, state, and federal governments, working with global health partners for international climate preparedness, conducting geospatial analyses, and more.

Caroline headshot in Berlin, Germany

Caroline (MPH, Infectious Disease Epidemiology Certificate, 2015)

Caroline is the Program Director for disaster health at Denver Health & Hospital Authority. Her work focuses on healthcare emergency management, coordination and collaboration, and capacity building to enhance healthcare preparedness and response efforts.

Jeremy headshot in a suit with United States of America flags in the background

Jeremy (MPH, Environmental Health Policy Certificate, 2017)

Jeremy is a Program Analyst for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  He works on the Continuous Improvement Program which helps emergency managers discover trends, learn lessons from previous incidents, and implement recommended actions.

Headshot of Robyn, EHS Graduate

Robyn (MPH, Toxicology Certificate, 2016)

Robyn is currently a Staff Analyst with the Substance Abuse Prevention and Control Bureau (SAPC) at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, specializing in project management and policy research and providing state and federal policy recommendations on behalf of SAPC.

Mayra C headshot EHS Alumni

Mayra (MPH, Climate and Health Certificate, 2017)

Mayra is currently a PhD student at University of Miami where her research is focused on redefining extreme heat from an acute to a chronic hazard to improve heat planning and governance. She previously served as Catalyst Miami’s Climate Justice Director, is a Steering Committee member of the Miami Climate Alliance, and is actively involved in local efforts to advance climate and health justice initiatives.

Fatima headshot EHS alumni


Fatima (MPH, Global Health Certificate, 2016)

Fatima is the Program Officer for Thematic Advocacy at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation based in Seattle. In this role she manages a multi-million-dollar portfolio to strengthen the advocacy infrastructure in the Global South to advance key health and development priorities, and to center diverse and local voices in global agenda setting.

Sonny headshot outside in a park

Sonny (MS, Toxicology, 2022)
Sonny is a Healthcare Consultant for Perioperative Services at Oracle Corporation. Bridging the gap between environmental health science and healthcare technology, he has successfully implemented EMR software solutions that not only meet clinical needs but also address health and safety concerns in healthcare facilities. Sonny works to ensure that the solutions prioritize patient safety and the well-being of healthcare professionals and in doing so has conducted and led multiple trainings and testing events with anesthesiologists, nurses, providers and other end-users.