Fall 2023 Application Cycle 

*SMS is accepting applications for PhD program only.* Applicants interested in a DrPH program might consider the departments of BiostatisticsEpidemiology, or Environmental Health Sciences.

SMS PhD Information Session: Tuesday, 26th September 2023

SMS PhD Info Session






For PhD applicants applying in the fall of 2023 with the hope of matriculating in the fall of ’24, please note that we have funding available only in the following categories:

  1. SMS PhD with a concentration in History may have support available for 1 student.*
  2. The NICHD-funded Predoctoral fellowship in Gender, Sexuality and Health will have one slot open for a PhD student concentrating in anthropology, history, or sociology.*, **
  3. There may also be funding available PhD students (in anthropology, history, or sociology) in two other NIH-funded training programs:
    1. Social Determinants of HIV*, **
    2. HIV, Substance Use in the Criminal Justice System*, **

*We particularly welcome applicants to the PhD who fall within the National Institute of Health definition of Under-Represented Minorities.

** To be eligible for support by an NIH-funded T32 training programs, applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents

The SMS PhD program

We seek students with a demonstrated capacity to excel in the behavioral or social sciences or in history, a clear interest in training that will prepare them to advance knowledge in that discipline, and a commitment to applying those theoretical and methodological skills in a way that engages with critical questions about population health. Learn more.

The Predoctoral Fellowship in Gender, Sexuality, and Health

This fellowship is the nation’s first multidisciplinary doctoral training program in gender, sexuality, and health and provides support for PhD students only in Sociomedical Sciences. This unique program trains students for research and teaching careers focusing on the role of gender and sexuality in shaping reproductive and sexual health, both in the United States and abroad. Learn more.

The Predoctoral Fellowship in Social Determinants of HIV

The Predoctoral Fellowship in Social Determinants of HIV, is a research training program located in the department of Sociomedical Sciences (SMS). As an interdisciplinary program the fellowship provides funding to doctoral students pursuing their PhD in the Departments of Sociomedical Sciences, Epidemiology, Population and Family Health, and Biostatistics.  This program prepares students for research and teaching careers addressing HIV structural interventions and social determinants such as structural racism, stigma, residential segregation, COVID-19, and other marginalizing structures, particularly as they influence HIV. 

The Training Program on HIV and Substance Use in the Criminal Justice System

This program is a joint effort of faculty in Sociomedical Sciences and the Columbia School of Social Work and seeks to train the next generation of scholars in the prevention, treatment, and care of HIV and substance use among individuals in the criminal justice system. The program seeks exceptional candidates applying to the PhD program who are interested in changing the narrative around justice and developing new and bold approaches to social interventions addressing HIV, substance use, and the criminal justice system. Learn more



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