The Rosner Series

Sophie & Alex Rosner Seminar on Health, History & Social Justice

The Politics of Global Health, Inequality, and Social Justice in the Age of New Pandemics and Instability:
A Talk with Partners in Health's Chief Medical Officer Joia Mukherjee

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 | 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
Allan Rosenfield Building
722 W. 168 St., Room 532
New York, NY 10032

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed glaring inequities in the distribution of key health resources across the globe: from unequal distribution of vaccines and anti-retrovirals to unstable foriegn aid even before the pandemic. Joia Mukherjee, MD, MPH, will draw on her experience as Chief Medical Officer of Partners in Health (founded by the late Paul Farmer) to survey the global health landscape and what's needed to achieve equity and justice around the world.

Seminar Recordings

Alan Berkman Memorial Lecture (10/22/20)



Dr. Abdul El-Sayed (10/13/20)



Cori Bush (10/5/20)



Stacy Davis Gates (9/30/20)