Environmental Exposures and Health Outcomes

Environmental Exposures and Health Outcomes

The lab works with cohorts from around the world with many different exposure types. These exposures range from air pollution, BPA, phthalates, metals, pesticides, dioxin-like compounds, and persistent organic pollutants, to non-chemical exposures like stress and socioeconomic status. The lab also studies potential exposure interventions with vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs that have been observed to reduce the impact of environmental exposures on disease causation. 

The lab is interested in how these exposures impact health, especially in vulnerable populations during late and early life. The lab has conducted seminal work on fertility, pregnancy, and perinatal outcomes. Our studies also include investigations into neurodevelopment, obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders. In aging individuals, the lab has ongoing projects focused on lung function, cognitive decline, bone damage, and cardiovascular outcomes.

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