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The ILC-USA was created by Robert N. Butler to to advise the public on how to maximize the benefits of increasing longevity in modern society. 

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The International Longevity Center - USA

The International Longevity Center (ILC-USA)  is an unmatched source of knowledge on global trends in healthy longevity and related policy responses. Our focus is on the translation of knowledge into scalable solutions using original research, policy analysis, scientific workshops, and innovative communications tools.  

The ILC-USA takes a life course perspective to healthy longevity, with an emphasis on the second half of life. Its goal is to catalyze the societal change that can enable people of all ages to be and do the things they have reason to value, with a particular focus on the needs of disadvantaged groups. It emphasizes person-centered design of systems and the need to achieve equity in outcomes. 

To achieve this goal, the ILC-USA engages with all levels of government, foundations, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and community leaders to:

  • monitor and evaluate global trends in healthy longevity and its determinants; 
  • analyze international and US policies; and
  • develop and evaluate scalable strategies to foster healthy longevity.  

The ILC-USA was founded in 1990 by Robert N. Butler, MD, and grew to become a multinational consortium of ILCs known as the ILC Global Alliance which now comprises 17 organizations throughout the world.  Honoring Dr. Butler’s wishes, and in keeping with his longstanding commitment and generosity to Columbia University, the ILC-USA and the secretariat of the ILC Global Alliance have been housed at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health since 2011. 

Related Faculty

  • John Beard, MBBS, PhD

    • Director, ILC-USA
  • Maureen Henry, JD, PhD

    • Deputy Director, ILC-USA