Alumni Mentor Program

The Health Policy & Management (HPM) Alumni Mentor Program facilitates professional relationships between HPM students and alumni. This unique opportunity is designed to cultivate meaningful conversations, to provide valuable support and guidance to students, and to help graduates navigate their careers. This program helps to build long lasting connections, beneficial to both mentors and mentees.


Mentors will guide students with their career development and will assist students as they develop the skills and perspectives necessary to succeed in their careers. Alumni from every cohort, program and location can participate - mentors do not need to live in NYC to partake. HPM alumni can give back to their alma mater in a significant way by sharing invaluable personal and professional experience with future colleagues. 

Mentors are required to meet the following expectations:

  1. Be currently employed (or retired)
  2. Have an updated LinkedIn profile or equivalent bio page
  3. Establish expectations for communication
  4. Stay connected to the department


Mentees can benefit from developing a lasting professional relationship with an HPM alum. Students will apply to participate and are expected to be proactive in the engagement. This program is a valuable resource for students as they move through their careers.

As a mentee, students are required to meet the following expectations:

  1. Be available, responsive, respectful and professional
  2. Be in good academic standing
  3. Attend HPM events where mentors are present
  4. Stay connected to the department

How to Participate

  • Alumni: Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating as a mentor. You will receive your mentee match in late September.
  • Students: Application instructions are sent out in the beginning of fall semester. Selected candidates will be required to attend an Alumni Mentor Program training.


The HPM Alumni Mentor Program is a fantastic way to engage with current students and give back to the Mailman community. I'm grateful to be able to provide mentorship and help set my mentees up for success similar to how the HPM department has done for me.

 Varun Bajaj, MHA '16

It has been really inspiring to participate in the HPM Alumni Mentor Program in 2021. I have enjoyed getting to know my mentee, discussing relevant trends and aligning on future career goals where my network can be helpful. It is very rewarding to give back to my alma mater and open the door to promising and enthusiastic new graduates.

 Maria FORERO, EMHP '14  

It is an honor and a privilege to participate in the HPM Alumni Mentor Program. Having the opportunity to advise and coach the next generation of outstanding healthcare leaders energizes me. Being a mentor has also been helpful to me, as I have learned much about how they think and what motivates them. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity.

 Ricardo A. Rivera-cardona, EMHa '17

My alumni mentor has been fantastic. We meet frequently and he has provided me with a lot of personal and professional advice. Having him as a resource has been especially helpful during my first semester at Mailman. As I begin to look for internships and practicum opportunities, I’m glad I have someone to reach out to.

 Jose Gonzalez, MPH candidate '23

In the Alumni Mentor Program, I've been enjoying getting to know my mentor, who is someone with a similar orientation in public health and hearing about his professional path. It has been exciting to share my goals with another person who wants to see me succeed!

 Eugene Massey, MPH candidate '22