Student Mentor Program

Adjunct Professor Chelsea Clinton, MPH '10, with 2017-2018 Mentor Leadership Board Members Amina Abedi, MHA '18, and Tianne Nguyen, MHA '18.

Mentor Program Mission

Incoming students spend their first semester learning how to take advantage of everything HPM has to offer. The Mentor Program matches first-year students with second-year students to help ease the transition into the program and to provide insight on successfully navigating the first yearThe Mentor Program allows first- and second-year students to build connections and to make the most of the Mailman student network. This encourages student involvement and helps to create a supportive HPM community. 

2020-21 Mentor Program Leadership Board

  • Taylor Crutison, MPH '22

  • Eileen Dai, MHA '22

  • Chinenye Ezeh, MPH '22

  • Sarah Goss, MHA '22

  • Gina Krupp, MPH '22

  • Jahsleighe Rochell, MHA '22