Global map of CII collaborators, who are highlighted in dark blue.

Collaborating countries in the history of the CII.

Research at the Center for Infection and Immunity is multidisciplinary and integrates the efforts of scientists and physicians specializing in molecular and systems biology, epidemiology, immunology, and neurobiology. Our currently funded projects reflect the chronic illness and infectious disease research the CII has worked on for over 20 years. Collectively, the faculty of the CII have published over 500 manuscripts, hold 10 active patents for diagnostic technologies, and Emergency Use Authorizations from the FDA. We are also home to two major research centers: the Center for Solutions for ME/CFS and the Global Alliance for Preventing Pandemics (GAPP). Additionally, we are founding collaborators in the Autism Birth Cohort Study (ABC) based in Norway with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

We have been fortunate to achieve many milestones and develop world changing technologies in our history. Our research accomplishments in ABC, ME/CFS, microbial discovery and diagnostic technologies, and outbreak response have provided the foundation for futher development as well as the ability to support work for therapeutics studies. Additionally, we have provided extensive consultations to media, films, and the press to ensure scientific accuracy in the information being broadcast. Notably, we have:

Our overall goal is to collaborate with investigators worldwide towards a global immune system.

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