Global Alliance for Preventing Pandemics

What is GAPP?

GAPP, the Global Alliance for Preventing Pandemics, is an international collaborative public health research center that establishes sustainable infrastructure for infectious disease discovery, surveillance, diagnostics, and response through global capacity building.

While GAPP is focused on scientific development, the impact of GAPP’s mission satisfies a critical international necessity in public health and addresses environmental, animal, community, and medical issues across the globe.

Rapidly unidentified emerging infectious disease resulting from the direct impact of climate change and population growth is causing unchecked widespread disease as well as societal, agricultural, and economic destruction.

The WHO 2023 Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) has participation from all 194 Member States and will be reviewing over 300 amendments to the IHR, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The group has “stressed the importance of enhancing capacity building, especially in low-income countries; access to benefits arising from sharing pathogens; equitable access to medical countermeasures; and enhanced cooperation and information sharing.”

GAPP’s ability to support laboratory development and provide technical training in global research deserts is essential to satisfying the WHO International Health Regulations of 2005 and fully supports the Working Group’s direction for strengthening international collaboration.

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