Collaborators and Projects

CfS for ME/CFS Collaborators

W. Ian Lipkin, MD, Columbia University
Director for the Center for Solutions for ME/CFS, Leaders of Project 1 (Microbiology of ME/CFS)

John Greally, PhD, MB, BCh, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Co-Leader of Project 2 (Molecular Signatures for ME/CFS sub-types; gene expression)

Oliver Fiehn, PhD, University of California, Davis
Co-Leader of Project 2 (Molecular Signatures for ME/CFS sub-types; metabolomics)

Anthony Komaroff, MD, Harvard University
Leader of Project 3 (Clinical Correlates and Diagnostics in ME/CFS)


Lucinda Bateman, MD, Bateman Horne Center (UT)

Susan Levine, MD, private practice (NY)

Kegan Moneghetti, MD, Stanford University (CA)

Daniel Peterson, MD, Sierra Internal Medicine at Incline Village (NV)

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Amy Williams, BA Occupational Therapy, Microbe Discovery Project, person living with ME/CFS

Angela Linford, Bateman Horne Center

Cherylle McFarlane, RN, challenged with ME/CFS

Emily Taylor, Solve ME/CFS Initiative

Jaime Seltzer, #MEAction

Jessie Brown-Clark, Solve ME/CFS Initiative

Kathi Kuehnel, JD, ME/CFS caregiver

Mary Dimmock, ME/CFS cargiver and patient, ME/CFS advocate

Neal Goldberg, PhD

Dr. Nina Muirhead, MBMCh, MEd, Chair Education Group (CMRC), Foward ME (UK), individual living with ME/CFS

Rochelle Joslyn, PhD

Sabrina Poirer, ICanCME Research Network

Susan Taylor-Brown, MD, PhD, individual living with ME/CFS

Tahlia Ruschioni, Bateman Horne Center

Terese Russo, MPA, ME/CFS advocate, individual living with ME/CFS

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