Our talented students draw on their diverse backgrounds when developing the expertise needed to excel in the rapidly evolving social publicl health field. Their academic enrichment is a priority within SMS, with faculty and staff actively engaging, mentoring, and teaching students.

Q&A: Vama Jhumkhawala

Vama Jhumkhawala talks about her practicum with the SESSTIM Marseille Health Literacy Survey 2019 Project.

Forced to Give Birth Alone

SMS MPH candidate Anna Roh discusses how prisons and jails neglect pregnant inmates.

End Racial Disparities in Maternal Health, Call a Midwife

First-year MPH student Kennedy Austin discusses racial disparities in pregnancy health in her op-ed: "Reducing racial inequity in maternal health needs to advance beyond weathering and listening to Black women."

Stopping the Puberty Apocalypse

SMS MPH candidate Anthony Lanzillo explores puberty and gender identity. 

A New York State of Health

Second-year MPH candidate Harmony Arcilla reflects on her time identifying strategies to increase public health across New York with the Prevention Agenda. 

Mass Gun Violence is Affecting My Mental Health

Second year MPH candidate Emily Schenkein explores the linkages to chronic stress, mental health, and gun violence.