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Winter Storm Update/Impacts to Campus and Services

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Last Updated 2:32pm Tue Jan 10

See Coronavirus Updates for information on campus protocols.

Sociomedical Sciences (SMS)

Sociomedical Sciences is dedicated to understanding and addressing the social, political, historical, cultural, psychological, and economic forces that influence health outcomes.

Message from the Chair

"The social sciences are essential to develop strategies and identify research and educational priorities to address health inequities and assess impact in the field of public health," says Kathleen Sikkema, PhD. Read the full message here.

Why SMS?

Learn how the past informs the SMS department's current and future impactful research as we reflect on 50 years of Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia.


Our research in sociomedical sciences is expansive on both the local and global scale, spanning initiatives from community health promotion to public health ethics.


Our talented students draw on their diverse backgrounds when developing the expertise needed to excel in the rapidly evolving social health field.


Meet our esteemed faculty, who represent a wide range of expertise throughout the public health field.


Menstrual Equity and the Pandemic: It's Time to Take the Gendered Experience Into Account. Read the full article here.