Student Awards

American Statistical Association (ASA)’s Paper Award Section: Statistics in Imaging Student Paper Competition

2021: Erin McDonnell, PhD Candidate
Topic: “Dynamic Gaussian Graphical Models to Study Time-Varying Clinical Symptom and Imaging Networks”.
Co-authors: Yuanjia Wang (advisor), Karen Marder, and Shanghong Xie.

American Statistical Association (ASA)’s Paper Award Section: Mental Health Statistics Student Paper Competition

2020: Qinxia Wang, PhD candidate
Topic: "A Latent State Space Model for Estimating Brain Sources and Connectivity from Electroencephalogram (EEG) Data”.

American Statistical Association (ASA)’s Paper Award Section: Lester R. Curtin

2021: Robert Tumasian III, PhD candidate

This award is given to young health statisticians as a way to receive the skills and training they need to make significant contributions in their field of study.

Chair's Award for Outstanding Master’s Students in recognition of Outstanding Academic and Research Achievements


  • Ditian LI, MS
    Topic: “Analysis of risk factors of metabolic syndrome using a structural equation model: a cohort study”.
  • Kwangmin Kim, MS
    Topic: “A Comparative Study of Dimension Reduction Techniques: The use of PCA, PLS, sPLS, and RCCA on Metabolomic Data from APOE4 carriers in Long Living Families”.
  • Morgan de Ferrante, MS
    Topic: “Bayesian Adaptive Randomization in Clinical Trials”.

Joseph Fleiss Award

2020: Xin Qiu, PHD '20
Topic: “Statistical Learning Methods for Personalized Medicine”.

Sanford Bolton-John Fertig Award for a Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation in Biostatistics

2020: Hyung park, PhD '20

Topic: "Flexible regression models for estimating interactions between treatment and scalar/functional predictors".