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Winter Storm Update/Impacts to Campus and Services

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Last Updated 2:32pm Tue Jan 10

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Biostatistics develops the theoretical and statistical methods used to analyze complex survey data and support evidence-based decision-making in public health and biomedical disciplines.

Message from the Chair

Kiros Berhane, PhD"The department continues to take significant bold steps towards asserting leadership in public health data science at Columbia and beyond through strategically enhanced educational programs and partnerships—to chart new directions for inter-disciplinary team science," says Kiros Berhane, PhD. Read More

Why Biostatistics?

MS Student Taylor Brackin describes how data can improve healthcare policy, practice, and population health. Watch Now


One of the nation’s premier centers of biostatistical research, the department is at the forefront of leading public health data science research at Columbia. Biostatistical methodology research plays a central role in health data science. It holds theoretical values, guilds statistical practice in changing environments, and ensures the generalizability and reproducibility of public health and medical research. Read More

Current Students

Find out about degree requirements, course descriptions, certificates, practicum information, financial aid, and other resources. Read More

Degree Programs

Get an MPH, MS, DrPH, or PhD in biostatistical research pertaining to clinical trials, brain imaging, cancer, mental health, and more. Learn More


The BEST Diversity Program is funded to serve undergraduate students who come from backgrounds currently underrepresented in Public Health research. Learn More