SHARP Training: Skills for Health And Research Professionals

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Short, intensive boot camps led by field experts to teach in-demand research skills and methods to investigators at all career levels and from any organization. Here is the official flyer with all 2021 topics to share with colleagues.



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Typically, the Columbia SHARP Program offers trainings and workshops on both the east coast and west coast. New York City, home to Columbia University, is a vibrant city with endless opportunities to explore worldclass theater, art, and restaurants. Portland, Oregon, the newest location for SHARP trainings, offers an incredible variety of music, a thriving food scene, and outdoor adventures for all levels, particularly in summer when the sunny temperate weather can't be beat. However, due to Covid-19, the SHARP Program has temporarily transitioned trainings to be offered live-stream, virtually. 


Several scholarships are available for our summer trainings! Application deadlines vary by training.

Summer 2021 SHARP Trainings: 

Single Cell Analysis Boot Camp training
Single Cell Analysis Boot Camp: 2-days to launch students on a path towards mastery of scRNASeq data analysis methods used in health studies. 
June 3-4, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
PI Crash Course leadership training
Principal Investigator (PI) Crash Course: 2-days of exposure to fundamental leadership and management skills and tools needed for success in your lab. 
June 10-11, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Epigenetics Boot Camp training workshop

Epigenetics Boot Camp: 2-days of concepts, techniques, and data analysis methods utilized in human epigenetics studies. 
June 14-15, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Microbiome Boot Camp Training Workshop
Microbiome Data Analytics Boot Camp: 2-days to provide an overview of 16S rRNA gene sequencing surveys including planning, generating and analyzing sequencing datasets. 
June 17-18, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Google Earth Engine Boot Camp SHARP Program NYC Portland

Google Earth Engine Boot Camp: 2-days to provide an overview of concepts, techniques, applications and data analysis methods for using the Google Earth Engine to estimate environmental exposures. 
June 21-22, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Quantitative Genomics Training Workshop
Quantitative Genomics Training: 2-days of concepts, methods, and tools for whole-genome and transcriptome analyses in human health studies. 
June 24-25, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Multi-omics Boot Camp SHARP Program
Multi-Omics Boot Camp: 2-days of concepts and methods used to analyze omics data in observational studies. 
June 28-29, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
open source gis workshop training

GIS Workshop: 2-days of fundamental concepts and hands-on techniques of health data visualization and analysis using publicly available open source GIS programs. 
July 8-9, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Radiation Safety Officer Training
Radiation Safety Officer Training: 40hr training requirement for a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) type C license to become a RSO and successfully implement a radiation protection program.
July 9-11 and July 16-18, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Causal Mediation Analysis Training NYC Workshop

Causal Mediation Analysis Training: 3-days of concepts and data analysis methods used to investigate mediating mechanisms. 
July 12-14, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
NIH Grant writing boot camp training
NIH Grant Writing Boot Camp: 2-days to help demystify the NIH application process by preparing you to submit a grant proposal that turns reviewers into advocates, positioning you for success. 
July 19-20, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Exposome Boot Camp Training

The Exposome Boot Camp: 2-days of concepts, techniques, and data analysis methods used in untargeted exposomics studies. 
July 22-23, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Python Data Wrangling Training NYC SHARP Program
Python Data Wrangling Boot Camp: 2-days of Python concepts, datasets, and methods used to analyze biomedical data. 
July 26-27, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual 
Mendelian Randomization Boot Camp training
Mendelian Randomization Boot Camp: 2-days of concepts, techniques, packages, data sources, and data analysis methods needed to conduct MR studies. 
July 29-30, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Environmental Justice Boot Camp SHARP Program
Environmental Justice Boot Camp: 2-days of concepts, exposure assessment techniques, community engagement and health policy applications, and statistical approaches for EJ research. 
August 2-3, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Machine Learning Boot Camp training

Machine Learning Boot Camp: 2-days of concepts, techniques, and R data analysis methods with Machine Learning applications in biomedical research. 
August 5-6, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Electronic medical records boot camp training
Electronic Medical Records Boot Camp: 2-days of concepts and data analysis methods to use EMR in your research. 
August 12-13, 2021  |  Live-stream, virtual
Environmental Mixtures training workshop

Environmental Mixtures Workshop: 2-days of environmental mixtures concepts, techniques, and data analysis methods used in health studies. 
August 19-20, 2021  |  ILive-stream, virtual

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