Seth Prins

Seth Prins

Seth Prins

Assistant Professor
Epidemiology and Sociomedical Sciences


722 W 168 Street, Room 521
New York New York 10032
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My two programs of research concern the collateral consequences of mass incarceration for public health, and the effects of the social division and structure of labor on mental illness. Two questions have motivated my work to date: First, what are the theoretical and methodological assumptions underlying the growing use of contested psychiatric categories, such as antisocial personality, to explain and assess the risk of exposure to the criminal justice system, particularly in the context of mass incarceration? Second, what can we learn about the distribution and determinants of mental illness by examining social class as a dynamic relational process, rather than an individual attribute? I am also working on a project to study the role of adolescent substance use as determinant and consequence of the school-to- prison pipeline, disentangling individual risk, social determinants, and group disparities. I explore these questions at the intersections of epidemiology, sociology, and criminology, combining theory-driven analysis with advanced quantitative methods. I am a social and psychiatric epidemiologist interested in pushing the boundaries of the discipline to encompass rich social theory.



PhD, 2016, Columbia University
MPH, 2010, Columbia University
BA, 2004, McGill University

Mailman Affiliations

Faculty, Department of Epidemiology
Faculty, Department of Sociomedical Sciences

Columbia Affiliations

Co-Convener, Cross-Cutting Theme, Columbia Population Research Center

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Areas of Expertise

Disparities / Inequalities in Health, Social / Cultural Issues, Social Epidemiology, Social Factors in Health, Underserved Populations, Workplace Health, Incarceration and Recidivism, Mental Health, Addiction/Drug Abuse

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