Ghana Acute Care System Strengthening Program (GACSP)

Ghana Acute Care System Strengthening Program (GACSP) aims to support the MOH’s Health Sector Plan to continue to develop and strengthen Ghana’s capacity to respond to the country’s emergency care needs.  This is being done through partnership with Ghana Health Service’s Institutional Care Division (GHS-ICD).  The project will take place in the Builsa North District in Ghana’s Upper East Region and it will be implemented at the district’s regional hospital, district hospital, health centers, and community-based health planning and services (CHPS) compounds.

The goal of GACSP is to facilitate an increase in access to high-quality and available emergency care amongst those residing in the selected within the Upper East Region of Ghana. The program aims to decrease morbidity and mortality associated with acute illness amongst the intervention population. This will be done through training within all levels of the health system using components of our Acute Care In-Service training curriculum. Complementing our training efforts, sidHARTe will also continue to provide technical assistance to improve the assessment of emergency care systems strengthening at the facility, regional and national level. We have also created a specific monitoring and evaluation framework to assess GACSP’s efficacy and impact in increasing selected health facilities’ ability to respond to emergency care needs of its patients throughout the program.