Western Pacific


1. Childhood Obesity

Research program uses simulation modeling to understand trends in obesity and  cost-effectiveness of prevention strategies.


Canada, United Kingdom


2. Human Rights Protection, Law Enforcement and Security

Project researches the organizational dynamics that allow for the improper use of force and implements a program to prevent such abuse.


Nepal, Sri Lanka


3. Leanyer Virus

Discovery of a novel orthobunyavirus isolated in northern Australia. Article


4. Microarray-based Detection of Viruses Causeing Vesicular or Vesicular-like Lesions in Livestock Animals

Identification of viruses using a long oligonucleotide microarray assay. Article


5. Oak Vale Virus from Western Australia

Genomic sequencing of K13965 strain of Oak Vale virus.  Article


6. Optimizing Configurations of Roadside Sobriety Testing Checkpoints to Reduce Alcohol-Involved Crashes

Combines roadside sobriety testing checkpoint data and motor vehicle crash data from Queensland, Australia, to identify optimal times and places for police to conduct checkpoints. 


7. Raine Cohort Study

Study investigates potential neurodevelopmental effects of general anesthesia on young children. Website

8. Stretch Lagoon Orbivirus

Discovery of Strecth lagoon orbivirus, a novel orbivirus isolated from Culex and Aedes mosquitos in north Australia. Article



New Zealand

1. Crime and Mental Health

Study examines the physical and mental health effects of crime and perceived crime.

2. Injury Preventability, Service Accessibility and Equity

Injury analysis, mapping and national trauma care decision making tool development funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand.