Core Competencies

Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education: 

Climate & Health Key Competencies for Health Professions Students

This set of competencies reflects foundational climate and health knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes for health professions students to mitigate the health impacts of climate change. Intended as a guide for developing climate and health education in health professions schools’ curricula, the set can be applied as needed and included in a variety of formats and over different timescales, such as in slides over several years of teaching, a series of lectures, or an entire course. The set of competencies offers an overview 2 of the different domains, units, and elements of competency recommended for all health professions students, as well as specific competencies for public health and clinical practices.

The original GCCHE competencies set was developed and adopted in February 2018 by the GCCHE Advisory Council and Coordinating Committee. Amendments were developed by the GCCHE Coordinating Committee in November 2020.