"Green/Clean" Products and Health Partnerships

In response to widespread concern about exposure to environmental contaminants in personal care and home products, many consumers are curbing their use of products that contain phthalates, phenols and other harmful substances.

Industry is catching on, and “clean” household cleaning and beauty products are becoming increasingly popular. So-called natural brands made up close to 25% of all high-end skincare sales in 2018. But are these brands leveraging the full marketing potential of their healthier ingredient list?

Researchers at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health conduct short-term biomonitoring studies (utilizing blood or urine samples) that demonstrate decreases in exposure to harmful substances when “cleaner” products are introduced. Findings could help a manufacturer reach core customer groups by sharing its sustainability story with the backing of independent and rigorous scientific research, and linking its products to potential health benefits.

Read more about our approach and capabilities on the Sustainable Brands platform here. For more information on how Columbia researchers can help you develop a compelling health story for your own customers, please contact us.

Project timeline: 8 weeks
Department/center involved: Environmental Health Sciences