COVID-19 Back to Work Strategies

Corporate executives are struggling with how to translate local, state, and federal public health policies into actionable recommendations to facilitate a safe return to work. In order to do this effectively, corporations need comprehensive solutions that address some of the most pressing challenges and uncertainties:

  • How and when to safely plan for appropriate phases of business reopening?
  • How to design and communicate effective workplace policies?
  • How to address increased employee stress and mental health challenges?
  • How to identify early signs of reinfection hot spots across key geographies?
  • How to react when reinfections happen at the company or community level?
  • How to best plan for future pandemics that could look very different?

Our experts are designing and implementing solutions to support local governments and corporations of all sizes as they navigate the different phases of a safe & responsible re-opening. Our solutions include: 

  • Guidelines, SOPs, and workforce protocols
  • Design and implementation of training programs for managers
  • Customized forecasting models and risk assessments

We are committed to providing practical and validated solutions that help address your most critical needs and support the health and wellbeing of your workforce. If you would like to engage in a more detailed discussion about how to support your operational and workplaces strategies and solutions for a safe return to work, please contact us.