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There are multiple views on the strengths, weaknesses, and efficacy of India's health care system. Below is a curated list of perspectives and insights on various topics that best illustrate the scope of debate. This information has been collected from academic, media, and industry sources from both within and outside of the country. It is not comprehensive. The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and are not a reflection of the position of the Mailman School of Public Health or its faculty.
The articles are provided with the source first followed by the link to the article. All sources used for the policy library can be found under the Additional Resources tab.
Health Topics Included


Asian Journal of Psychiatry | Is India Missing COVID-19 Deaths?1

Disease & Illness

Environmental HEalth

FinancING & Payment Systems


Indian Journal of Community Medicine | Challenges to Healthcare in India - The Five A's​14
Journal of the American Medical Assocation | Health Care Reforms in India15

World Economic Forum | What India's Route to Universal Health Coverage Can Teach the World16

Health Disparities & Minority Health


MATERNAL & child Health



Journal of Perinatology | Health Systems in India21

The Knowledge Review | India's Mega Health Reforms: Treatment For Half A Billion22
University of Pennsylvania Scholarly Commons | India's Healthcare Industry: A System Perspective25


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