We promote an integrated approach to early childhood development and health in vulnerable communities in the U.S. and abroad, so all children across the globe can thrive and succeed. To achieve our vision, we have created a platform for scientists across Columbia University to collaborate with each other and partners around the world to create lasting change for children, families and communities. CHILD will integrate, advance, and promulgate public health science relevant to early childhood health and development, in order to ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop to their full capacity. 

Reframing policy discourse

We engage and educate high-level decision makers on how the science of healthy child development can inform effective polices and investment strategies.

Promoting interdisciplinary research and demonstration projects

We work with partners to design and evaluate programs for young children across the globe and apply state-of-the art tools and data analysis techniques for complex evaluation needs.

Building 21st century child health and development training programs

To meet the growing needs of local and international health professionals in the area of early childhood health and development, we use all the tools of our research.