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Upcoming Events

GCCHE Events

Leadership for Cost-Saving, Climate-Smart and Quality Healthcare

August 7 - 8 [Monday - Tuesday] 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM EDT  

This session of the New York Cluster Seminar Lineup will provide an overview of resilient and sustainable healthcare delivery and equip participants with tangible opportunities to deploy cost saving and quality improvement solutions in their healthcare systems now. Seminar participants will also gain access to an invite-only quarterly roundtable with ACHE and The Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education at Columbia University to further their knowledge and planning around these important issues. In addition to the ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits assigned to this seminar, ACHE is accredited by other organizations to provide continuing education credit. View more information about these organizations.

Who Should Attend: C-suite leaders, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, decision-makers

Presented by: Cecilia Sorensen, MD, Associate Professor/Director, Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, Columbia University and Attila Hertelendy, PhD, Associate Professor, Florida International University


Community Events

Clinical Climate Change 2023: Clinical Care for Workers in the Climate Crisis

June 6  [Tuesday] 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

5th Annual Conference at Goldwurm Auditorium, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, 1425 Madison Avenue, New York, New York

For Public Health Professionals, Policymakers, Physicians, Nurses, and Allied Health Professionals representing diverse fields. Attend virtually or in-person. More Information. 



Four-Part Webinar Series: New Evidence and Innovations to Confront the Climate-Health Crisis

March 15 - June 14 [Wednesdays and Thursdays]: 12:00 - 1:00 PM PST  

Join the University of California Center for Climate, Health & Equity in exploring new ways of thinking about and taking action on the climate-health crisis. Expert speakers will discuss climate justice and mental health, sea level rise, food systems, and communication for health professionals. Our 4-part monthly webinar series aims to raise awareness of the impacts of the climate crisis on health and health inequities, with a focus on interdisciplinary discussions of research, policy, advocacy, and clinical solutions.

Part 1: The Power of Evidence-Based Communication from Health Professionals  Wednesday, March 15, 2023  12 - 1 PM PST Register

Part 2: Oceans and Sea Level Rise: Impacts on Health and Equity  Wednesday, April 12, 2023  12 - 1 PM PST Register

Part 3: Climate and Mental Health Intersections  Thursday, May 25, 2023  12 - 1 PM PST Register

Part 4: The Climate and Health Impacts of our Food System from Production to Consumption Wednesday, June 14, 2023  12 - 1 PM PST Register


One Health in Practice - Solutions for Healthy People in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

April 3 - June 9 

We don't have one planet for humans and another for other species. If we wish to avoid pandemics from zoonoses, such as COVID-19 and other types of influenza, we must address direct and indirect drivers such as human ecological disruption and unsustainable consumption. Drawing upon lessons and reflecting on challenges from UNESCO Biosphere reserves, Professor Serge Morand of CNRS and CIRAD, presents the latest knowledge and management approaches developed under the One Health approach in this 10-week MOOC. 

The MOOC aims to:

  • present the scientific concepts linking healthy ecosystems to healthy human communities;
  • provide tools and frameworks to enable people to visualize solutions that restore ecosystems and make them more resilient;
  • share good practices and innovative solutions from biosphere reserves designated by UNESCO;
  • provide communities, policy-makers, and stakeholders with the knowledge and methodologies required to create better forms of governance that protect territories against emerging risks.

Available in English, French, and Spanish, One Health in Practice is a free, instructor-paced course from UNESCO and the SDG Academy, brought by the Earth Network and the Government of Italy. 


Planetary Health – Connecting the Dots 

April 20 - July 13  [Thursdays] 2:00 - 4:00 PM CET | 8:00 - 10:00 AM EST

We invite ALL students, experts, practitioners, and researchers to broaden their knowledge on Planetary Health and take a deep dive into the causal relations between environment, climate change and health based on an integrative, transdisciplinary perspective including natural science, economics, jurisprudence and social science. During the lectures you will hear from international experts from various disciplines joining forces and connecting the dots for a healthy planet for all. 

Join us online via Teams (no registration required) 


April 20 • Planetary Health - Connecting the Dots 

April 27 • Transformation, Social Tipping and System Change 

May 4 • Women, Health and Gender Dynamics 

May 25 • Nutrition and Agriculture in the Context of Planetary Health 

June 15 • Economics, Circular Economy and Ethical Considerations in Healthcare 

June 29 • Climate Psychology and Young People in Crisis 

July 13 • Planetary Health goes Digital 




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