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November 6, 2018: Method identifies disease-causing bacteria (NIH)

October 26, 2018: Targeted Sequencing Technique May Speed Bacterial Sepsis Diagnoses (American Society of Microbiology)

October 24, 2018: Sequencing Method Screens for All Known Bacterial Pathogens, Resistance Markers (GenomeWeb)

August 14, 2018: The heart of ME/CFS? Lipkin’s Collaborative probes the impact of exertion (ME/CFS Research Review)

August 1, 2018: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Study Highlights Energy Issues in Gut Subset (HealthRising)

July 17, 2018: The Microbiome Hypothesis: Dr. Ian Lipkin's collaborative, part 1 (ME/CFS Research Review)

June 18, 2018: Precision Diagnosis for Tick-Borne Diseases? (NIH Director's Blog)

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June 6, 2018: India Is Panicking About a Virus Passed by Bat Poop (Foreign Policy)

April 17, 2018: The Poop on House Mice: they Carry Superbugs (HealthDay)

April 17, 2018: Of mice and disease: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria discovered in NYC house mice (MedicalXpress)

April 17, 2018: Of mice and disease: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria discovered in NYC house mice (ScienceDaily)

April 17, 2018: The mice of NYC may be contributing to antibiotic resistance (Quartz)

April 17, 2018: Germs carried by New York's mice are plentiful, and some have antibotic-resistant genes (Stat)

February 22, 2018: Multiplex Blood Test Being Developed to Differentiate Lyme, Seven Other Tick-Borne Diseases (360DX)