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Multiplex Blood Test Being Developed to Differentiate Lyme, Seven Other Tick-Borne Diseases (02/22/18)

Targeted Sequencing Technique May Speed Bacterial Sepsis Diagnoses (10/26/18)

"Virus Hunter" W. Ian Lipkin lays 411 on coronavirus - Interview with Tian Wei on CGTN World Insight (02/04/20)

Corona Q&A - CUIMC Experts Explain What You Should Know (01/27/20)

Advances in Pathogen Discovery Are Saving Children's Lives (11/25/19)

Abundance of Enteroviruses in the Gut Linked to Type 1 Diabetes Precursor (03/18/19)

What the Worst Case of a Coronavirus Pandemic Might Look Like (02/05/20)

Troubled poop-testing startup uBiome announces plans for liquidation (10/02/19)

India Is Panicking About a Virus Passed by Bat Poop (06/08/18)

The coronavirus outbreak is most dangerous for the elderly (01/28/20)

Sequencing Method Screens for All Known Bacterial Pathogens, Resistance Markers (10/24/18)

The Missteps Of Mayor Bill De Blasio's Coronavirus Response (04/06/20)
Q&A With A 'Master Virus Hunter' And 'Contagion' Adviser (02/10/20)
NYC Team Led By Scientist Who Advised on "Contagion" Is Racing To Unlock The Coronavirus. Here's What They Told Us (02/03/20)
[UPDATE] What You Need To Know About The Spreading Coronavirus (01/24/20)

New findings provide additional evidence of AFM, enterovirus link (08/14/19)

The Poop on House Mice: they Carry Superbugs (04/17/18)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Study Highlights Energy Issues in Gut Subset (08/01/18)

Coronavirus outbreak: What you should know (01/28/20)

China Coronavirus Update: Death Toll Now At 1,013, Could Evolve To Deadlier Disease (02/10/20)

The heart of ME/CFS? Lipkin’s Collaborative probes the impact of exertion (08/14/18)
The Microbiome Hypothesis: Dr. Ian Lipkin's collaborative, part 1 (07/17/18)

Of mice and disease: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria discovered in NYC house mice (04/17/18)

Ticks: What to Know and How to Protect Yourself (06/08/18)

How realistic is Contagion? The movie doesn't skimp on science (04/06/20)

Enterovirus Antibodies Detected in Acute Flaccid Myelitis Patients (08/19/19)
Method identifies disease-causing bacteria (11/06/18)

Precision Diagnosis for Tick-Borne Diseases? (06/26/18)

To Build a Better Vaccine (10/07/19)

China's mass coronavirus quarantine was impossible to get right (01/24/20)
The mice of NYC may be contributing to antibiotic resistance (04/17/18)

Of mice and disease: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria discovered in NYC house mice (04/17/18)

Lipkin Brings Disease Busting Technology to ME/CFS (01/01/20)

How Worried Should You Be About the New Coronavirus? (Update: Still Not Time to Panic.) (01/24/20)

Germs carried by New York's mice are plentiful, and some have antibotic-resistant genes (04/17/18)

Interview with Glenn Beck Accessible via subscription (02/20/20)

New antibody clues in AFM patients point to enterovirus culprit (08/13/19)

Coronavirus data from outside the outbreak epicenter is just as valuable as from the inside (02/11/20)

The coronavirus has now killed more people in the US than the 9/11 terror attacks (03/31/20)
The 9 most important unanswered questions about Covid-19 (03/20/20)
America's shamefully slow coronavirus testing threatens all of us (03/12/20)

Mystery Coronavirus from China: What to Know (01/22/20)

Bats, snakes or pangolins? Inside the hunt for the animal behind the coronavirus outbreak (02/16/20)

(Video: 5:22) How the public can protect itself against coronavirus (02/28/20)

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