2020 (Jan-Mar)

March 25, 2020:
India Today, Consultant on movie Contagion Ian Lipkin tests positive for Covid-19
South China Morning Post, Coronavirus hits expert Ian Lipkin, as global cases surpass 400,000

March 13, 2020: Exclusive: Top Virologist Ian Lipkin Answers Questions On Coronavirus (India Today)

March 4, 2020: Virologist Ian Lipkin: You can prevent coronavirus infection by 40%, just do this (India Today)

February 26, 2020: Q&A: Renowned US Epidemiologist Is Making a Better Test for Coronavirus (Caixin Global)

February 21, 2020: (Video 24:57) 杨澜对话“病毒猎手”:没有任何证据表明新冠病毒是人造的 (YANG Lan Talks with "Virus Hunter": There is no Evidence that the new Coronavirus is Artificial Note: video is in both English and Mandarin (Horizon News China)

February 16, 2020: Bats, snakes or pangolins? Inside the hunt for the animal behind the coronavirus outbreak (Wired - UK)

February 12, 2020:
China Daily, "A whole country locked inside": China struggles with coronavirus, and a new normal
Global Times China, Caution urged despite signs of fewer new cases
South China Morning Post, Coronavirus still stumps experts on when human carrier turns infectious

February 11, 2020:
Mashable (India), Expert Who Worked On Steven Soderbergh's "Contagion" Talks About Coronavirus
Interesting Engineering, Coronavirus' Incubation Period Could be 10 Days Longer Than Originally Thought

February 10, 2020:
Arab Times, China reports 97 new coronavirus deaths on mainland on Sunday, toll rises to 908
Asia Times, China virus deaths to 900, overtaking SARS
Evening Standard, Coronavirus spread may "dramatically slow" disease expert hopes as China death toll hits 900
Gizmodo (AUS), Coronavirus Has Now Killed More People Than SARS
MoneyWeb (S. Africa), Coronavirus may infect up to 500000 in Wuhan before it peaks
Straits Times, Lockdown in Wuhan may have cause more infections, says expert

February 9, 2020:
The Globe and Mail, As China calls citizens back to work, few signs of a return to normal amid coronavirus outbreak
South China Morning Post, Hopes of coronavirus peak ahead as outbreak on bring of surpassing Sars' grim death toll
Straits Times, Coronavirus: Wuhan lockdown could have led to more infections; outbreak might spike end-February, says expert
Swindon Advertiser, Coronavirus death toll eclipses Sars but number of new cases down

February 8, 2020:
Le Journal de Montréal, Coronavirus: plus de 800 morts, le bilan mondial du SARS dépassé Note: article is in French
Caixin Global, Destroyed Market Samples Make It Impossible to Trace Origin of Deadly Virus, Expert Says

February 7, 2020: (Video: 6:19) The clock is ticking: Real time coverage amid a public health emergency (CGTN China)

February 4, 2020:
CGTN China, (Video: 30:34) 'Virus Hunter' Lays 411 on Coronavirus
Global Times China, French doctor chooses to stay, support Wuhan amid nCoV outbreak

February 3, 2020:
CGTN China, (Video: 4:55) U.S. 'virus hunter' W. Ian Lipkin assisting China
Global Times China, Renowned epidemiologist Walter Lipkin lauds China's transparent and professional approach against coronavirus outbreak

February 2, 2020: US 'virus hunter' W. Ian Lipkin arrived in China to join coronavirus battle (China Plus)

January 31, 2020: Newly Identified Coronavirus LiveChat (Reuters Global Market)

January 30, 2020:
Eleven Myanmar, As coronavirus multiples, there's also good news
National Thailand, As coronavirus multiples, there's also good news

January 29, 2020: US "virus hunter" who helped fight SARS to join coronavirus battle (China Daily)

January 28, 2020: 关注 | 哥大病毒猎手奔赴中国疫情一线,助力打赢抗疫狙击战 (Follow | Columbia Virus Hunter Goes to the Frontline of China’s Epidemic, Helping to Fight the Virus) (Columbia University Global Center - Beijing)

January 27, 2020:
ABC Australian Radio, (Audio 4:14) 'We don't have a handle on the extent of the outbreak,' expert says
New Zealand Herald, Editorial: Huge task to contain deadly virus

January 26, 2020:
BBC World News, (Video 2:43) BBC World News Newsday Broadcast
Global News, (Video 10:54) Brasileiro conta rotina de cidade isolada onde surgiu o coronavírus Note: video is in Portuguese

January 25, 2020:
The Globe and Mail, (Audio: 5:09) New coronavirus tests scientists' ability to tangle with an evolutionary trickster
Financial Times, China reports increase in coronavirus deaths (Financial Times)




June 14, 2017: Here’s why fever in pregnancy is tied to a 40 per cent increased risk of autism for babies (Global News - Canada)

June 14, 2017: Autism risk tied to fever during pregnancy (Xinhua News Agency - China)

April 26, 2016: Gut bacteria linked to chronic fatigue (The Time - UK)

February 24, 2017: Infections during pregnancy may be twice as likely to cause autism: study (Xinhua News Agency - China)

February 23, 2017: Reality check: Does herpes during pregnancy double autism risk for your baby? (Global News - Canada)

February 22, 2017: Herpes infection during pregnancy linked to autism risk (Toronto Star - Canada)


December 8, 2016: Mummified remains yield oldest smallpox DNA known (The Globe and Mail - Canada)

July 8, 2016: (Video: 2:47) What we know about Zika virus (Xinhua News Agency - China)




September 3, 2013: Mammals harbour 'at least 320,000 new viruses' (BBC - UK)

August 22, 2013: Is Mers virus spread by bats? (The Telegraph - UK)

August 22, 2013: Mers: Deadly coronavirus found in tomb bat (BBC - UK)

August 8, 2013: Coronavirus spreading in Middle East may be linked to camels (Toronto Star - Canada)

July 8, 2013: Progress in MERS research may be in sight (Global News - Canada)

April 24, 2013: (Toronto Star - Canada)



November 17, 2011: Can Crowdsourcing Beat the Flu? (BBC - UK)