(Audio 4:14) 'We don't have a handle on the extent of the outbreak,' expert says (01/27/20)

China reports 97 new coronavirus deaths on mainland on Sunday, toll rises to 908 (02/10/20)

China virus deaths to 900, overtaking SARS (02/10/20)

Experts on the "Chinese demon" - when the epidemic is expected to culminate (02/01/20)

(Video 2:43) BBC World News Newsday Broadcast (01/26/20)

Q&A: Renowned US Epidemiologist Is Making a Better Test for Coronavirus (02/26/20)
Destroyed Market Samples Make It Impossible to Trace Origin of Deadly Virus, Expert Says (02/08/20)

"A whole country locked inside": China struggles with coronavirus, and a new normal (02/12/20)
City mice carry disease-causing bacteria with drug-resistant genes (04/17/18)

US "virus hunter" who helped fight SARS to join coronavirus battle (01/29/20)

(Video: 6:19) The clock is ticking: Real time coverage amid a public health emergency (02/07/20)
(Video: 30:34) 'Virus Hunter' Lays 411 on Coronavirus (02/04/20)
(Video: 4:55) U.S. 'virus hunter' W. Ian Lipkin assisting China (02/03/20)

US 'virus hunter' W. Ian Lipkin arrived in China to join coronavirus battle (02/02/20)

关注 | 哥大病毒猎手奔赴中国疫情一线,助力打赢抗疫狙击战 (Follow | Columbia Virus Hunter Goes to the Frontline of China’s Epidemic, Helping to Fight the Virus) (01/28/20)

As coronavirus multiples, there's also good news (01/30/20)

Dr. Ian Lipkin with Shoma Chaudhury | "To life lockdown, build a health army" (04/26/20)

Coronavirus spread may "dramatically slow" disease expert hopes as China death toll hits 900 (02/10/20)

China reports increase in coronavirus deaths (01/25/20)

Coronavirus Has Now Killed More People Than SARS (02/10/20)

Caution urged despite signs of fewer new cases (02/12/20)
French doctor chooses to stay, support Wuhan amid nCoV outbreak (02/04/20)
Renowned epidemiologist Walter Lipkin lauds China's transparent and professional approach against coronavirus outbreak (02/03/20)

As China calls citizens back to work, few signs of a return to normal amid coronavirus outbreak (02/09/20)
(Audio: 5:09) New coronavirus tests scientists' ability to tangle with an evolutionary trickster (01/25/20)

(Video 10:54) Brasileiro conta rotina de cidade isolada onde surgiu o coronavírus Note: video is in Portuguese (01/26/20)

(Video 24:57) 杨澜对话“病毒猎手”:没有任何证据表明新冠病毒是人造的 (YANG Lan Talks with "Virus Hunter": There is no Evidence that the new Coronavirus is Artificial Note: video is in both English and Mandarin (02/21/20)

(Video: 45:17) Top virologist Dr Ian Lipkin, who battled coronavirus, shares tips on hot to live with the virus (05/20/20)
(Video: 40:07) Top Virologist Ian Lipkin on Battling COVID-19, Ways to Exit Lockdown | Newstrack With Rahul Kanwal (04/21/20)
Consultant on movie Contagion Ian Lipkin tests positive for Covid-19 (03/25/20)
Exclusive: Top Virologist Ian Lipkin Answers Questions On Coronavirus (03/13/20)
Virologist Ian Lipkin: You can prevent coronavirus infection by 40%, just do this (03/04/20)
India Today Conclave 2019: Dr. Ian Lipkin talks on physical, mental wellness, more|In Photos (09/20/19)
Here's how viruses are linked to cancer, autism and other syndromes: Take notes from Dr. W. Ian Lipkin (09/20/19)
(Video 25:41) India Today Conclave 2019: Dr. W. Ian Lipkin on cancer, autism and other syndromes (09/20/19)

Coronavirus' Incubation Period Could be 10 Days Longer Than Originally Thought (02/11/20)

Coronavirus: plus de 800 morts, le bilan mondial du SARS dépassé Note: article is in French (02/08/20)

Expert Who Worked On Steven Soderbergh's "Contagion" Talks About Coronavirus (02/11/20)

Coronavirus may infect up to 500000 in Wuhan before it peaks (02/10/20)

Editorial: Huge task to contain deadly virus (01/27/20)

Newly Identified Coronavirus LiveChat (01/31/20)

Coronavirus hits expert Ian Lipkin, as global cases surpass 400,000 (03/25/20)
Coronavirus still stumps experts on when human carrier turns infectious (02/12/20)
Hopes of coronavirus peak ahead as outbreak on bring of surpassing Sars' grim death toll (02/09/20)

Lockdown in Wuhan may have cause more infections, says expert (02/10/20)
Coronavirus: Wuhan lockdown could have led to more infections; outbreak might spike end-February, says expert (02/09/20)

Coronavirus death toll eclipses Sars but number of new cases down (02/09/20)

House micecarry deadly antiobiotic-resistant diseases, scientists warn (04/17/18)

As coronavirus multiples, there's also good news (01/30/20)

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