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Anatomical distribution of avian bornavirus in parrots, its occurrence in clinically healthy birds and ABV-antibody detection.pdf

Assessment of poly-microbial infections in ticks in New York State

Astrocytes recognize intracellular polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid via MDA-5

Cluster analysis of the origins of the new influenza A (H1N1) virus

Diagnostics and discovery in viral hemorrhagic fevers

Examining landscape factors influencing relative distribution of mosquito genera and frequency of virus infection

Genetic Diversity of Toscana Virus

Genetic and epidemiological characterization of Stretch Lagoon orbivirus, a novel orbivirus isolated from Culex and Aedes mosquitoes in northern Australia.pdf

Genetic detection and characterization of Lujo Virus, a new hemorrhagic fever–associated arenavirus from Southern Africa

Genomic analyses of the microsporidian Nosema ceranae, an emergent pathogen of honey bees

Identification of RNA instability elements in borna disease virus

Microarray-based detection of viruses causing vesicular or vesicular-like lesions in livestock animals

Microbe hunting in the 21st century

Moussa virus: a new member of the Rhabdoviridae family isolated from Culex decens mosquitoes in Côte d'Ivoire

New recognition of enterovirus infections in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)

Nosocomial outbreak of novel arenavirus infection, Southern Africa

Novel Borna Virus in Psittacine Birds with proventricular dilatation disease

SARS: How a global epidemic was stopped

Streptococcus pneumoniae coinfection is correlated with the severity of H1N1 pandemic influenza


A new arenavirus in a cluster of fatal transplant-associated diseases

A recently identified rhinovirus genotype is associated with severe respiratory-tract infection in children in Germany

Comprehensive viral oligonucleotide probe design using conserved protein regions

Detection of tick-borne pathogens by MassTag polymerase chain reaction

Genetic analysis of Israel Acute Paralysis Virus- distinct clusters are circulating in the United States

Global Distribution of Novel Rhinovirus Genotype

Hippocampal poly(ADP-Ribose) polymerase 1 and caspase 3 activation in neonatal bornavirus infection

Lack of Association between Measles Virus Vaccine and Autism with Enteropathy

Multiplex MassTag-PCR for respiratory pathogens in pediatric nasopharyngeal washes negative by conventional diagnostic testing shows a high prevalence of viruses belonging to a newly recognized rhinovirus clade

Newly discovered ebola virus associated with hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Uganda

Novel borna virus in psittacine birds with proventricular dilatation disease

Pandemic human viruses cause decline of endangered great apes

Pathogen Discovery

Rapid sequence-based diagnosis of viral infection


A metagenomic survey of microbes in honey bee colony collapse disorder

A recently identified rhinovirus genotype is associated with severe respiratory tract infection in children in Germany

Asymptomatic circulation of HEV71 in Norway

Detection of respiratory viruses and subtype identification of influenza A viruses by GreeneChipResp oligonucleotide microarray

H5N1 infection of the respiratory tract and beyond- a molecular pathology study

Natural M-segment reassortment in Potosi and Main Drain viruses- implications for the evolution of orthobunyaviruses

Panmicrobial oligonucleotide array for diagnosis of infectious diseases

Rapid Molecular Strategy for filovirus detection and characterization

Spatiotemporal analysis of purkinje cell degeneration relative to parasagittal expression domains in a model of neonatal viral infection

West Nile virus infection activates the unfolded protein response, leading to CHOP induction and apoptosis


Are all melanomas the same? Spitzoid melanoma is a distinct subtype of melanoma

Batai and Ngari viruses- M segment reassortment and association with severe febrile disease outbreaks in East Africa

Endoplasmic reticulum stress and neurodegeneration in rats neonatally infected with borna disease virus

Enterovirus 75 and aseptic meningitis, Spain, 2005

Greene SCPrimer- a rapid comprehensive tool for designing degenerate primers from multiple sequence alignments

High prevalence of human enterovirus a infections in natural circulation of human enteroviruses

Implication of a retrovirus-like glycoprotein peptide in the immunopathogenesis of Ebola and Marburg viruses

MassTag polymerase chain reaction detection of respiratory pathogens, including a new rhinovirus genotype, causing influenza-like illness in New York state, 2004-2005

MassTag polymerase chain reaction for differential diagnosis of viral hemorrhagic fever

Metallothioneins and zinc dysregulation contribute to neurodevelopmental damage in a model of perinatal viral infection

Sensitivity and specificity of immunoglobulin g titer for the diagnosis of mumps virus in infected patients depending on immunization status

Use of a short fragment of the C-terminal E gene for detection and characterization of two new lineages of dengue virus 1 in India


Diagnostic system for rapid and sensitive differential detection of pathogens

Enteroviruses as agents of emerging infectious diseases

Inhibition of Alpha/Beta interferon signaling by the NS4B protein of flaviviruses

Molecular identification of adenoviruses in clinical samples by analyzing a partial hexon genomic region

Molecular identification of mumps virus genotypes from clinical samples: standardized method of analysis

NS1 protein secretion during the acute phase of West Nile virus infection

Reviews in neurovirology: an introduction

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus persistence in Vero cells

The Src family kinase c-Yes is required for maturation of West Nile virus particles

West Nile virus - an old virus learning new tricks?


A murine model for neuropsychiatric disorders associated with group A b-hemolytic streptococcal infection

A new tool for the diagnosis and molecular surveillance of dengue infections in clinical samples

Analysis of the medium (M) segment sequence of Guaroa virus and its comparison to other orthobunyaviruses

Induction of sterilizing immunity against West Nile virus (WNV), by immunization with WNV-like particles produced in insect cell

Models and mechanisms of bornavirus pathogenesis

Neurotoxic effects of postnatal thimerosal are mouse strain-dependent

Psychotropic viruses

Real-time polymerase chain reaction for detecting SARS coronavirus, Beijing, 2003


Fatal fulminant pan-meningo-polioencephalitis due to West Nile virus


Banbury Center of Cold Spring Harbor meeting on microbiology, immunology, and toxicology of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders

Characterization of the nuclear localization signal of borna disease virus polymerase

Infectious and immune factors in neurodevelopmental damage

Key role for enkephalinergic tone in cortico-striatal-thalamic function

Neuroprotection and reduced proliferation of microglia in ribavirin-treated bornavirus-infected rats

Phylogenetic analysis of a human isolate from the 2000 Israel West Nile virus epidemic


Absence of echovirus sequences in brain and spinal cord of ALS patients

Borna disease virus and neuropsychiatric disease - a reappraisal

Borna disease virus

Infectious and immune factors in the pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders: epidemiology, hypotheses, and animal models

The relationships between West Nile and Kunjin Viruses


Authentic borna disease virus transcripts are spliced less efficiently than cDNA-derived viral RNAs

Detection of West Nile virus sequences in cerebrospinal fluid

Discovery and molecular characterization of West Nile Virus NY 1999

Expression and characterization of the borna disease virus polymerase

Microglial activation and neuronal apoptosis in bornavirus infected neonatal Lewis rats

Neurotrophic factor expression after CNS viral injury produces enhanced sensitivity to psychostimulants: potential mechanism for addiction vulnerability

Ribavirin inhibits West Nile virus replication and cytopathic effect in neural cell