Classroom Exchange programs for students at EHESP and the Mailman School are available in both directions

Selected courses may be open to overseas students in accordance with respective university policies. EHESP MPH courses are taught at the Columbia Global Center/Europe in Paris. In addition to these individual student exchanges, one EHESP management class spends a week in New York, attending lectures by renowned Columbia faculty.

The Mailman School’s Epidemiology and Population Health Summer Institute (EPIC) also reserves seats for EHESP students. The program, which features week-long classes during the month of June, offers courses for students seeking advanced skills in population health research.

As the collaboration between Columbia and EHESP continues to expand, check back here for additional student classroom exchange opportunities that may be on the horizon.

Student Practica

“My practicum in New York was an exceptional experience for me as an international student – I was able to sit in on lectures, interact with MPH students, and expand my public health knowledge and research goals.”

Aleksandra Zuk, EHESP MPH ’10

Students from both institutions have the opportunity to work with faculty in Paris, Rennes, and New York via practicum placements. Over the past few years, a number of students from EHESP have spent time in New York working closely with Mailman School faculty on:

  • Sexual minorities and suicide attempts

  • The use of patient navigators with cancer patients

  • The association between pediatric diabetes and childhood obesity

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder after the Haiti earthquake

Beginning in the summer of 2012, Mailman School students can complete their practica in France with EHESP faculty. This program offers several opportunities for Mailman students to complete a summer practicum or internship in France, either Paris or Rennes. Practicum positions for summer 2012 are already filled with 12 students currently in Paris and Rennes.

EHESP students interested in 2013 practicum opportunities should complete an application form and contact for more information on the application process.

Mailman School students can visit the school website for details on practicum opportunities in France.