The exchange of ideas and the give-and-take of multiple perspectives are crucial to the development of new ideas and theories.

Faculty at both schools are immersed in creating, discussing, analyzing or reporting on issues where multiple expertise and viewpoints enhance. To foster a global public health discourse, the alliance between EHESP and Columbia encourages faculty to spend time at both institutions to collaborate on ideas, meet new colleagues, consider different viewpoints, and develop new avenues for research and public health interventions. A steady stream of investigators flows between the institutions, building long-term, trans-Atlantic research relationships.

Whether spending a sabbatical at the partner institution or making a shorter visit for a talk or seminar, faculty find in this network a valuable opportunity to expand their knowledge of areas such as comparative health systems, environmental factors and depression, mental health, gene-environment interactions, and chronic disease research.

Since the collaboration’s inception, research meetings involving faculty from both institutions have taken place in Paris, Rennes, France and New York. A number of research projects are currently in process with EHESP and Mailman School faculty Alain-Jacques Valleron, Philippe Ravaud, Karesten Koenen, Ryan Demmer, Moise Desvarieux and Sandro Galea.

Public Health Reviews

Both schools believe that the field needs a forum to review important topics in public health and assist in translation of science into practice. In that spirit, EHESP acquired the rights to the peer-reviewed Public Health Reviews journal in 2009. Antoine Flahault serves as Editor of Public Health Reviews and is assisted by an Editorial Board which includes several members of the Mailman School faculty, including Deputy Editor Moise Desvarieux, Dr. Larry Brown and Dean Linda Fried. Upon launching the journal in 2010, Deans Fried and Flahault co-authored the editorial for the first issue: Why a New Journal Called Public Health Reviews?



Faculty from both schools have participated in the teaching program, providing an international perspective on public health to students on both continents. In health policy and management, epidemiology, sociomedical sciences, and other disciplines, faculty have either taught groups in their home environment or travelled overseas to teach classes.

Broadening Each School’s MPH Program

Faculty from each School share their knowledge with students at the partner institution. Teaching opportunities have ranged from one-day seminars to week-long courses. Faculty have co-taught or taught in a number of MPH courses and programs. EHESP’s MPH classes are taught at the Columbia Global Centers/Europe in Paris, further facilitating intermingling of students and faculty from both Institutions.

Below are a few examples of this teaching collaboration:

EHESP Advanced Core Course in Epidemiology
Twelve Mailman faculty travel to Paris each year to teach the Epidemiology core course. While there, faculty meet with EHESP students to discuss practicum placements at the Mailman School and possible topics for master’s theses.

Meta-Analysis Course for the Mailman School’s EPIC Summer Program
EHESP’s Philippe Ravaud taught this course and is also a lecturer in the Mailman School’s Clinical Epidemiology course.

EHESP Executive Health MBA Program
The Mailman School’s Michael Sparer and Tom D’Aunno teach EHESP EMBA students during their annual week-long visit to New York to learn about U.S. healthcare systems.

Europubhealth Master’s Program

In addition to teaching at both institutions, faculty may also participate in exchange research and teaching opportunities through the Europubhealth Master’s program which is coordinated by EHESP School of Public Health in Rennes (France). A consortium comprising schools of public health from Denmark, France, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom, is leading Europubhealth project and Europubhealth attracts students from across the continent. The only non-European school in this important consortium, the Mailman School does not award a degree or diploma but hosts students for practica and faculty for sabbatical and teaching or research opportunities.

Faculty from Columbia Mailman and,  EHESP and the Europubhealth consortium partner institutions are eligible for scholarships to teach at the other institutions including the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University of Sheffield in the (UK), the  EHESP School of Public Health in Paris or Rennes (France),  the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland), the University of Rennes 1 in (France), and the University of Granada in (Spain). Dr Caroline Volel was the first recipient of such a scholarship from the Mailman School and traveled to Rennes and Paris in the Spring of 2011 as part of her sabbatical.

Visit the Europubhealth Master’s Program site for more information about teaching/research opportunities among the consortium members and the application process.